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Fredericia is a municipality in growth. Companies are constantly moving to Fredericia, opening branches, moving headquarters and creating more jobs. As it is, we have more jobs than we have working population and they keep coming.

Companies move here because of Fredericia's unique benefits, a location in the heart of Denmark and business friendly politicians. Having a central location is key to reaching customers and a boost to finding qualified employees. Most of Southern Denmark and almost 500,000 jobs is within only an hour's drive of Fredericia, it truly is the heart of Denmark.

What this means for you? In Fredericia, you will have the possibility to develop or start your new career. There is room to grow, both professionally and personally. If you have a partner with you, Fredericia and the Triangle Region is the perfect place to find a job for them as well. And we will be happy to help.

Ready to further your career?

Are you considering a job in Fredericia? Are you bringing your family? If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Fredericia is welcoming accompanying partners

Are you an accompanying spouse to an employee, who has landed a job in South Denmark, and would you like some help in your job seeking process?

Jobcenter Fredericia can help you with the following:

- Clarification of job opportunities
- Tips on how to make a relevant application and CV for the Danish jobmarket
- Help facilitating internship

- Contact to relevant companies

Contact Fredericia Jobcenter by phone at +45 7211 3600 or via email at

Contact Jobcenter Fredericia

Universal Foundation has moved to Fredericia

Universal Foundation is an engineering company and was earlier located in Aalborg.

This video is from the day when Fredericia Kommune welcomed the company and its employees and showed them what Fredericia has to offer. 

Take a look here

Dreaming of starting your own business?

If you dream of becoming an entrepreneur but need some help to get started, Stephen Bihl, Business Consultant at Business Fredericia, is ready to share his experience, give you feedback on your business idea and support you through the process towards setting up your own business.

Business Fredericia hosts entrepreneur mini seminars on a regular basis, where you will be introduced to the basics of business start-up and get to meet aspiring, and successful entrepreneurs. It is the perfect place to grow your network.

Entrepreneur counselling and seminars are free. 

Contact Stephen Bihl

Working for the Signal Regiment

Fredericia has a proud military history, built as a fortress city in 1650 and home to the signal regiment, it is a part of the city's DNA. Ryes Kaserne (Barracks) in Fredericia is a modern workplace and study place for 550 military employees.

Working in the army can be almost the same as any other job. There are some special requirements, however, like wearing a uniform, physical fitness and shooting practice. 

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