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Experience Fredericia

Fredericia offers experiences that leave an impression.

It is a modern city, but also a city with clear and visible roots. Established as a fortress town in 1650, magnificent ramparts surround the old part of the city. It is now a city in rapid development, a new and beautiful harbour front is in construction. Inspired by Frederik the 3rd's 350-year-old plans for the city, Fredericia is now getting its own canal district.

While urban Fredericia is continually evolving, the nature around the city stays the same. Fredericia offers a wealth of experiences with nature, protected forests and meadows, and beautiful beaches only five minutes from the city center.

Fredericia offers culture, history, shopping and nature, all in the heart of Denmark.

Fredericia Ramparts

The great fortifications, which today form a peaceful and attractive background for the oldest part of Fredericia, were originally built to defend Denmark. The ramparts were key to the Danish victory in the battle of Fredericia against the Schleswig-Holstenian, a victory that is still celebrated on the 6th of July every year in Fredericia.

Today the ramparts, moats, bastions and ravelins form a unique part of the modern town. The defence installations provide the townpark where one can go for walks and enjoy the landscape. However, it is much more than an ordinary townpark, because it is a tangible part of the town´s history.

Experience the Ramparts

See Fredericia from a different perspective

Get a glimpse of the magnificent view from atop the Old Little Belt Bridge, a view that you yourself can experience.

6th of July Festival

The 6th of July Festival brings together people of all generations to witness this famous ceremony, with all its music, processions, parades, speeches and concerts.

The ceremony has observed the same traditions since 5th and 6th July 1852, when it was given the form it still has today. Every year Fredericia re-enacts a unique piece of Danish history, and the unique atmosphere makes this a very special occasion for the people of Fredericia and tourists alike.

Come experience a piece of Danish history come alive and hear the cannons roar in celebration.

experience the 6th of july


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